Friday, February 16

Penelope In The Vacuum Bed

19 year old Penelope has never been tied up or gagged... she looks very nervous. Nervous laughter as she uses both hands to grab the rope stretching away from her neck. I start flogging her tits for the first time and we learn the real reason why she came in today. She is getting her ass flogged. Hard for a first timer. I brought a Hitachi... her pussy has never had a vibrator touch it before. So I added clothespins to her nipples and popped the vib on her clit. As it worked her cunt her body language did not tell you she liked the vib too much. She hides her face and I warn her to not to hide it again. I stop the vib and ring gag her. I take black duct tape and tape her eyes shut. Her pussy gets attacked with the Hitachi again as she continues to balance on the post. Next Penelope now visits Luther. After getting her elbows and wrists brought together she is asked to get on her knees and worship the dead cock. She opened that mouth right up and swallowed over three inches right away. She had a seducing rhythm to her movement. Luther completely filled her mouth as she gagged on it. And when she pulled away she had a trail of spit reaching from the end of the cock to her bottom lip. I told her not to let that gagging bother her. Then Penelope finds herself suspended in the cage with her neck locked into place. Her ankles and wrists locked to the four bottom corners of the Five Star Hotel Cage. I ball gag her. I cane the top of her foot. Her nipples get clamped and tied off to the cage. She tells me it hurts. I take the fuck stick and just as I start to penetrate her with it I notice this mass of white fluid making its way out of her cunt. Copious amounts of fluid are running from her slit to her asshole. Next we find Penelope trying the vacuum bed Zed made. Clear plastic versus latex. It offers a different look and feel to the subject. Once Penelope is placed into the bed and sucked in we start to see some nice definition to her figure. The bed really starts to conform to her and to suck her in... to give her skin a shiny and erotic look and then suddenly she safeworded on us. Finally we find Penelope with a breast tie. Her one leg being drawn up to the ceiling at the ankle and upper thigh. Another rope goes around her chest and brings her upper thigh binding closer to her upper body constricting her. I spank that pussy with the thumper. Then her ass. The inside of her thighs are next followed by the area immediately around her cunt. Then the Hitachi attacks her cunt and we see her head fall back and her eyes close and she drifts into another headspace.

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