Friday, April 6

Raven Hart Gets Bound, Fucked and Wrecked in Ruthless Gangbang

Raven Hart goes all-in with five dudes, as they savagely fuck every one of her holes until she's utterly wrecked. She throws herself into it from the very start, choking down all five cocks, jerking and working them as the guys strip her naked. Her pussy drips with squirt long before she even gets the first dick in her, as one dude after the other uses her throat as their own personal fuckhole. Raven's tied up in a partial suspension with her legs spread, so her hungry, slutty cunt is open and ready for each of them. They pound her deep and hard, drilling her pussy while another guy drills her throat. She squirts again, unable to control herself, as the guys all take turns in this position, before breaking her ass open and pounding away. Out of the suspension, Raven is tossed from one guy to another, as they fuck her pussy and her ass, then DP her airtight. She loves every huge hard inch in both holes and simply can't get enough. When another woman would've quit, she keeps going, taking all the dicks like a dirty hungry whore. Raven ultimately gets a huge creampie in her pounded ass, with cum running over her fucked cunt and down her legs. The other guys blow their loads all over her face, and she slurps it up like the ruined, desperate slut she is.

Friday, March 2

Sunny Star Fucked in Public

Wearing only a see-through dress and a leather collar, Sunny Star is led with a leash through a sunny park in Madrid by Mistress Tina Kay. Tina makes Sunny sit at a bench and attach a wooden leg spreader bar to her own two ankles. This causes much attention to all of the tourists nearby who line up to watch and take pictures of the two. Tina then attaches leather cuffs to her wrists and clips them to her leacher collar wrapped around her neck. Sunny hobbles slowly through the crowded with Tina Kay pulling her by the leash. They make their way to a large fountain where Tina splashes water all Sunny's ass to cool off how hot it has gotten, making her dress even more transparent. Tina pulls out scissors and cuts Sunny's dress to ribbons, exposing her perky tits, pussy, and big round ass. They head to a music venue to meet with Steve Holmes where a crowd of rowdy voyeurs await to see her get humiliated and fucked. A person in the crowd rips the rest of Sunny's dress off leaving her completely naked accept now we see that she'd been wearing a fox-tail butt plug the whole time. She gets on her knees and sucks Steve's cock. Tina sits on the bar and gets her pussy licked. While getting zapped with electricity on her hands and knees, Sunny crawls to the next room where a band plays. Steve fucks her faces and then bends her over a table and shoves his cock in her pussy and fucks to the rhythm of the music. Steve flips her over and fucks her pussy with her legs spread. Tina then takes a turn using her fist, shoving it all the way into Sunny's pussy. After a few whacks of the cane to Sunny's ass, Steve takes a seat and Sunny rides his cock reverse-cowgirl while Tina flogs her tits. Then after receiving Steve's hot load on her face, Tina tells Sunny to lie down and cleans her off with a very special shower.

Friday, February 16

Penelope In The Vacuum Bed

19 year old Penelope has never been tied up or gagged... she looks very nervous. Nervous laughter as she uses both hands to grab the rope stretching away from her neck. I start flogging her tits for the first time and we learn the real reason why she came in today. She is getting her ass flogged. Hard for a first timer. I brought a Hitachi... her pussy has never had a vibrator touch it before. So I added clothespins to her nipples and popped the vib on her clit. As it worked her cunt her body language did not tell you she liked the vib too much. She hides her face and I warn her to not to hide it again. I stop the vib and ring gag her. I take black duct tape and tape her eyes shut. Her pussy gets attacked with the Hitachi again as she continues to balance on the post. Next Penelope now visits Luther. After getting her elbows and wrists brought together she is asked to get on her knees and worship the dead cock. She opened that mouth right up and swallowed over three inches right away. She had a seducing rhythm to her movement. Luther completely filled her mouth as she gagged on it. And when she pulled away she had a trail of spit reaching from the end of the cock to her bottom lip. I told her not to let that gagging bother her. Then Penelope finds herself suspended in the cage with her neck locked into place. Her ankles and wrists locked to the four bottom corners of the Five Star Hotel Cage. I ball gag her. I cane the top of her foot. Her nipples get clamped and tied off to the cage. She tells me it hurts. I take the fuck stick and just as I start to penetrate her with it I notice this mass of white fluid making its way out of her cunt. Copious amounts of fluid are running from her slit to her asshole. Next we find Penelope trying the vacuum bed Zed made. Clear plastic versus latex. It offers a different look and feel to the subject. Once Penelope is placed into the bed and sucked in we start to see some nice definition to her figure. The bed really starts to conform to her and to suck her in... to give her skin a shiny and erotic look and then suddenly she safeworded on us. Finally we find Penelope with a breast tie. Her one leg being drawn up to the ceiling at the ankle and upper thigh. Another rope goes around her chest and brings her upper thigh binding closer to her upper body constricting her. I spank that pussy with the thumper. Then her ass. The inside of her thighs are next followed by the area immediately around her cunt. Then the Hitachi attacks her cunt and we see her head fall back and her eyes close and she drifts into another headspace.

Tuesday, November 14

2 Butt Sluts Get Fisted & Fucked

The gorgeous Savannah Fox takes out her two foxy MILF butt sluts to play! Dark haired Penny Barber is so glad to be out of her cage, and super blonde London River is eager to get fucked. First Savannah must make sure each ass is tender. She spanks her toys' asses and takes a deep whiff. She uses Penny's mouth to warm up London's asshole and when Penny gets mouthy, she shoves her head right in between London's cheeks. Then London gets to lick and smell Penny's delicious asshole. Once these two sluts are all warmed up, Savannah breaks out the toys! She starts with the fat, cold stainless steel double ended dildo. She teases Penny with it before plunging it in London's greedy asshole. For Penny's asshole, Savannah chooses a glass corn on the cob dildo. Penny squirms as the cold toy gets pushed slowly in and out of her asshole. These hungry slutholes are aching for more and Savannah knows just how to satisfy them. She has London hold Penny's legs open as she slides her fist right into Penny's ass. Penny screams as the fist slowly sinks into her ass and tries to squirm away, but is unable to escape and made to orgasm on Savannah's fist. Then Penny holds London's legs open as Savannah pushes her fist into London's slutty asshole. Once the fist is in, London can't stop cumming as Savannah fist-fucks her hole. As a reward for being so good, London gets stuffed with Penny's fat cock. London moans as her ass is fucked and Savannah is so turned on, she starts masturbating and fucking her own asshole. The more London screams, the more aroused Savannah is. She squirts all over London, covering her dirty sluts in cum.

Monday, September 11

Masochistic Anal Sluts Love It All at the BDSM Ball

In part two of this kinky fetish party our senior masochistic anal slut Nikki Darling is strung up in tight suspension and fucked in the ass with a giant hard cock. She politely screams and begs for her orgasms, teaching the newbie fresh meat how to properly cum while in pain. Maya watches closely in an athletic squat over a vibrator, learning how to please their sadistic Governess Aiden Starr, who begins to drips burning hot red wax onto Maya's perky young tits, making her cry out and beg to cum while suffering. Both submissive sluts endure the pain of their floggings, croppings, and hot wax, all for those masochistic orgasms at the hands of their Masters. Meanwhile, Davey is back to top this time with her sexy play partner Devi Lynne. Thrown around like a little sex doll, Devi howls and screams as she is beaten, spanked, humiliated, and made to beg in front of a crowd of appreciative guests laughing at her plight. When Devi has finally had enough she throws Davey to the ground and double fists her while sucking on her clit piercing, making Davey squirt everywhere. No good deed goes unpunished, and Davey is thrown on her back and held down by another female guests as Davey takes her time fucking Devi's hungry cunt with her fist, and then a sex toy knife. More squirt splashes on the camera as this sadistic lesbian scene climaxes in many screaming orgasms. Nikki Darling has not been a good senior slave. Her charge Maya is missing her goddamn shoes. Aiden Starr isn't having it, and chases Nikki around the room flogging and degrading her while Nikki searches for the missing shoes. Upon finding them, she is rewarded with a heavy caning, leaving many red strips on her athletic body. Sweating and screaming, Nikki is rewarded with more caning and a vibrator, and eventually her Mistresses fist in her perfect pussy. Nikki's eyes roll back in her head and she begs to cum over and over again while guests all over the room get turned on and start fucking, blowing, flogging, an playing double time. One guest uses rope bondage to turn his playmate upside down so she must lick his boot, while another uses a fucking machine to punish fuck his date. Aiden is inspired and rides an orgasm out on Nikki's face. The last scene is Maya's test. Can she takes cock like a good girl, get cattle prodded, and still remember he mantra? Will Nikki succeed in still the cock for herself and please Aiden Starr?

Tuesday, July 18

Hostelxxx - Sydney Cole & Olivia Lua

Two young sluts, Sydney Cole and Olivia Lua, our down south trying to have a good vacation. They're good time is nearly ruined when they come back from a boat ride discover that their rental car and all their belongings have been stolen. Lucky for these two a friendly local knows a place that specializes in helping girls in their predicament, Hostelxxx. Soon these desperate dames find themselves at the mercy of Brick the Innkeeper. Bondage, ball-gags, spanking, sexual humiliation and domination, brutal rough sex and a massive facial. This is definitely a vacation these two sluts won't forget!

Monday, June 12

Zayda Is Bondage Brazilian

21 year old Zayda is back at The Attic to get herself a Brazilian wax. Now, shes had this really hairy pussy for quite a few weeks now so she could do a shoot with a local web site. And I am telling you folks... its hairy. When she bent over to show us her asshole one day we couldn't help but notice the curly Q of hair right by her asshole. Things got started by roping Zayda spread eagle to the floor up in the attic. Her chest and pelvis lifted a few inches off the floor providing the wax chick enough room down there to get her job done. Once Zayda was roped in and the wax brought up to the proper temperature it was time to take a pair of clippers to her cunt to get all the longer stuff off. Zayda looked hot all arched up in her spread eagle as the wax chick began to apply the hot paraffin. The Wax chick would paint that wax right up next to Zaydas pussy lips and her clit then rip it off. The bare skin rather reminded me of the skin of a chicken after it had had all the feathers plucked off... really large goose bumps. I finally had to put a ball gag in Zaydas mouth from all the whining she did every time the wax got pulled off. That Zaydas a whiner. Sometimes that wax would pull off something that would really get Zayda in a tailspin with her pain threshold. I am it really that bad? At one point the gruff wax chick even told her to shut the fuck up in a really mean voice. Fuck. Zayda would start whining even before the damn wax was pulled off. She would go into this whole anticipation thing where she would squirm and whine in expectation of the sudden pulling off of the wax. She looked hot with that bit gag in and red lipstick. Ultimately her ass hole needed to be waxed as well so we flipped her over and brought her elbows together and The Wax chick proceeded to clean her up in that sensitive area. Then it was on to the waxing. Once we could finally see Zaydas asshole ... it looked pretty darn good!